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The company sells and installs floor coverings: linoleum, rubber coating, laminated flooring, parquet board, carpeting, special coatings, raised floor, industrial floors, sport coverings.

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Company provides selling and installation of flooring for different rooms. We also provide realization and services for installation of suspended ceilings AMF, Armstrong, Griliato. Company offers a wide range of building mixtures, materials for wall decoration, paints.

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Our Objects


We installed:

60000 m2 of flooring
2550 m2 of ceiling

You can choose parquet, laminate, carpets or linoleum for the floor in office space. Correctly chosen flooring creates comfort, coziness and a favorable atmosphere for work.

45 completed objects

Medical institutions

We installed:

31500 m2 of flooring
1300 m2 of ceiling

Extremely important decision is the choice of flooring for medical institutions, which must comply with all requirements and standards. The best solution is to use natural linoleum, PVC tiles or rubber coatings.

17 completed objects


We installed:

30000 m2 of flooring
1275 m2 of ceiling

The floor has to be extremely durable with nice appearance for using in hotels. A perfect solution is to use carpet or linoleum with high grade durability.

27 completed objects

Educational institutions

We installed:

29500 m2 of flooring
1350 m2 of ceiling

Education suitable coatings are characterized by durability, ecological compatibility, ability to heavy loads. The range of floor coverings for using in educational institutions includes linoleum, PVC coverings, carpeting, rubber coatings, sports coverings.

19 completed objects

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