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Carpet tiles Desso - Halo


Type of flooring Carpet tiles
Сomposition polyester fleece + modified bitumen
Weight 4350 g/m2
Total thickness 7,0 mm
Width/dimensions 50 х 50 cm
Abrasion class 33
Sound attenuation 25 dB
Fire resistance Bfl - s1
Pile height3,9 mm
Pile weight915 g/m2
Pile density171 g/m2
Pile typeloopback
Type of productiontufted
Package quantity20 tiles

Carpet tiles Desso - Halo

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  • Scope: Offices, Medical institutions, Hotels, Educational institutions, Cafes, restaurants, Sports and entertainment facilities, Shopping facilities, Transport and industrial objects
  • Manufacturer: Desso


  • Playful use of bright colors creates a unique character of carpet tiles Desso Halo, perfectly emphasizes the depth of the base color of the tile.


    Inverse colors of carpet tiles Desso Halo are used for creative planning of premises, creating a certain atmosphere, zoning or intentional indication of the direction when moving inside the building.

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