• Installation of floorings

    Preparing the substrate and correct installation are very important for long-term use of floor coverings.

    Floorbest Company provides realization and services for installation of floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, PVC, rubber, carpet, parquet, special floorings, raised floor, sports coverings). Highly qualified specialists at the highest level with using professional tools are carry out all installation works.

    • pouring self-leveling compound (it is performed with special tools);
    • installation of plywood and OSB with the purpose of leveling the floor (on a wall plug, adhesive);
    • installation of linoleum, laminate, carpet, rubber flooring, parquet, special coatings;
    • installation of raised floors Lindner;
    • installation of baseboard;
    • professional cleaning and recovery of flooring;
    • removal of old coatings.
  • Installation of sports floorings

    Floorbest Company offers a wide range of sports floorings for outdoor and indoor using. We guarantee professional installation, provides guarantee service and implement repair works of the all types of sports floorings.

    • installation of sports parquet;
    • installation of natural linoleum;
    • installation of artificial grass;
    • installation of EPDM-systems.
  • Pouring of topping and concrete floors

    We use industrial floorings in rooms with increased requirements for strength, durability, resistance to various types of loads on flooring. Correctly installation of industrial floors is very important. Floorbest Company provides selling, installation and implements repair works of industrial floorings.

    • installation of concrete screed;
    • installation of concrete screed with topping;
    • grinding of rough concrete screed (with professional grinder, which prevents the spread of dust);
    • restoration and repair of old concrete substrates M 100-200;
    • "dust reduction" and strengthening of old concrete substrates with polymers;
    • removal of old surfaces;
    • installation of epoxy and polyurethane self-levelling floors;
    • installation of polyurethane-cement floorings Ucrete.
  • Installation of suspended ceilings

    Floorbest is a team of professionals with years of experience. By cassettes  installing the best option is using the finished elements for metal ceiling frame. We provide realization and professional installation of ceiling systems of world-class manufacturers: ARMSTRONG, AMF and GRILIATO.

    • installation of suspended ceilings Armstrong
    • installation of suspended ceilings AMF
    • installation of metal suspended ceilings Griliato
  • Installation of Heradesign acoustic systems

    Floorbest Company provides installation services of acoustic systems Heradesign. It can be fixed on the bearing wooden frame mounted increments 600mm.

    Assembling of acoustic panels Heradesign on the ceiling can be performed by attaching the panels to the wooden bearing frame increments 600 mm, which in turn is fixed by means of vernier scale or adjustable spring suspensions.

    To the wall wooden frame fixed by means of acoustic U-shaped brackets for plasterboard profiles. Heradesign panels fixed to the wooden frame by using screws or nails using a pneumatic building gun.

    Assembling of Heradesign acoustic ceiling can be made using standard modular suspension system (600х600 mm) with a T-shaped profiles width 15-24 mm. Heradesign panels with modular size 600х600 mm and 600х1200 mm fit into the cell frame in accordance with standard suspension system manufacturer's recommendations.

    Heradesign panels can be mounted on a standard metal frame for plasterboard systems.